Our People Our Planet

Europe, Middle East & Africa

EH&S Vision 

Because in Triangle Lift Services, we care for each People that intervene on our equipment, as an employee, a subcontractor or a passenger, 

Because in Triangle Lift Services we believe that the Planet needs to be secured for today and for the next generations, 

Triangle Lift Services will continuously set up the highest standards and requirements, supporting a very ambitious strategy to achieve these goals along its values. 

EH&S Values

Actively caring for our people by:

  • Consistently improving the work place and the equipment so it is the safest
  • Regularly providing appropriate trainings to allow employees and subcontractors to safely work on the equipment and provide the best service to the customer
  • Constantly assess risks before starting the job and take the necessary preventive measures, including stop working if the right conditions are not all met
  • Unfailingly building up the conviction that any dilemma raised will be appropriately handled by the supervisors and the management
  • Permanently holding every employee and manager for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues
  • Put the customer in the heart of our activities and focus on delivering the best service

Actively caring for our environment by:

  • Developing products which have a low impact on the environment
  • Deploying ISO 14 001 to decrease our environmental footprint across all the businesses and factories
  • Achieving ISO 5 001 to lessen our energy consumption in all factories
  • Being convinced that recycling the wastes appropriately is contributing to reduce the environmental impact of our activity
  • Optimizing our driving to reduce the air pollution
  • Improving our manufacturing processes to diminish the amount of electricity, wastes, water generated by our production